New Flanges Provide Industry-Standard Mounting Options

Integra has added two new mounting options that correspond with industry standards.  The new 14” and 16” flanges correspond with common industry footprints.  They can be purchased as accessory items, or be included with select enclosures if specified at time of purchase.

The new flange options are:
•    14” flanges can be used on the 14” side of our 14” x12”, as well as the 14” side of our 16” x 14” enclosures
•    16” flanges can be used on the 16” side of our 16” x 14”, as well as the 16” side of our 18” x 16” enclosures
•    Accessory designations are:
      o    14” flanges - MFLK14
      o    16” flanges - MFLK16

To view a one-page brochure of Integra's new flanges, please click here.

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