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Low profile hinge, Integrated latch and int mtg flange


High impact polycarbonate low profile hinged enclosure integrated with locking latch, opaque cover and mounting flange  UL Type 4X/6P (IP66/68)

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Mechanical and Thermal

Instrumented Dart Impact = 565 in-lb. (Tested at 73°F)
Falling Ball Impact = 900 in/lb. (Test Spec. UL-746, at 73°F)
Deflection Temperature = @264 psi (Test Spec. ASTM D648 270°F)
Modulus of Elasticity = 340 ksi (Test Spec. ASTM D790)
Temperature Range = -40 to 265 °F

Flammable/UV Ratings

Flame Rating = UL, 5VA. (Test Spec. UL-94)
Outdoor UV Exposure = F1. (Test Spec UL)

3rd Party Approvals

UL-50/c-UL Type 4X/6P Listed (file #E207562)
IP 66/68


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