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Integra creates full enclosure solutions with services like machining, printing, and accessory installation.

Leading the Way in Polycarbonate and Metal Enclosures

Polycarbonate Enclosures

High Durability

NEMA 4X & 6P Rated

IP66/IP68 Waterproof

UV Resistant 

Chemical Resistant

Easily Customized

Stainless Steel Enclosures

NEMA 4X Rated

Custom Built

Unmatched Quality

UV Protection

Corrosion Resistant

Standard Sizes Available

Custom-Designed Solutions

Precise Machining

Custom Printing

Molded Color

Component Install

Special Packaging

Tailored Solutions


Back Panels

Mounting Kits

Cord Grips

DIN Rails

Swing Panels

Replacement Lids

Quality Enclosures for OEMs

At Integra, your industry challenges fuel our innovation. We understand the obstacles you face in protecting your electronics, which is why our products aren’t just boxes – they’re rugged, tailored enclosure solutions. Our products are meticulously engineered to ensure long-lasting durability and protection – even in the harshest conditions. Delivered with the best customer service and the shortest lead times in the industry.


Our NEMA-rated enclosures stand the test of time, defeating corrosion, UV rays and other threats that undermine your electronics.


Decades of experience guarantee innovative, custom solutions for all of your electronic protection needs.

Best In Class

In-house engineering and customer service help you find the best enclosure for your application.

Industries We Serve

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

Electrical component housings on alternative energy structures put up with a lot of environmental abuse. Head-on UV rays, varying temperatures, and precipitation are no match for our NEMA 4X and 6P rated electrical enclosures.
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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Enclosures at drilling sites need to be weatherproof and corrosion resistant. Our Polycarbonate and Stainless Steel enclosures will endure years of exposure to such corrosives.
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Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage

Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage

Integra’s stainless-steel and polycarbonate enclosures can withstand the heat and humidity in the extreme environments of the food industry. We also meet the necessary UL and NEMA 4X requirements in compliance with federal regulations for pharmaceutical manufacturing.
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Integra’s marine-friendly waterproof enclosures meet and surpass NEMA 6P standards for protecting your apparatuses in wet and submerged environments.
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Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

The corrosion resistance and water-tight seal of our NEMA 4X enclosures make them the preferred choice of customers in the wastewater treatment industry.
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Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Integra’s polycarbonate enclosures are a proven choice for remote monitoring of networking devices and components. Our Impact Line even offers 100% metal free enclosures, improving the range of radio signals.

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Like remote monitoring, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications require an easily installed and highly configurable enclosure that can withstand extreme environments. Integra’s enclosures are the perfect solution for this challenging application. Check out our modification capabilities.



Our NEMA rated polycarbonate enclosures are tough enough for harsh outdoor conditions while allowing communication waves to freely pass in and out.

Providing Everything You Need

Our wide range of products and unmatched manufacturing capabilities help us create the best enclosure solution for you.