Whether on a ship, at the port or in a marina, electrical and electronic components require enclosures that can protect them from the elements. Integra’s waterproof and weatherproof enclosures guard the apparatuses inside while standing tough on their own.

Integra Enclosures IP68 rated waterproof enclosures are a perfect match for the temporarily submerged (up to 6 feet for 24 hours) and wet environments found in the marine industry. Their durable polycarbonate composition means corrosion from salt water is simply not a concern.  Over time, a metal enclosure tends to deteriorate and rust when constantly exposed to water, but the polycarbonate used in Integra’s enclosures remains unaffected by marine environments.


These waterproof polycarbonate enclosures have all been through rigorous testing and have passed with flying colors in the following benchmarks:

  • International IP68 and NEMA 6P standards for performance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Strong impact ratings
  • UV resistance
  • UL/cUL standards
  • RoHS standards

Integra’s NEMA 4X rated stainless steel enclosures are also a great choice for marine and coastal environments. Stainless steel won’t rust or corrode like carbon steel does and its natural UV resistance keeps electronics cool even in direct sunlight.

Integra offers multiple customization options for every enclosure and a wide range of accessories to fit your needs. For more information about our products or to receive a custom quote, contact our sales team today.

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