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Integra Catalog
Price List
Price List - Effective July 1, 2024
Price List - Effective July 1, 2024
About Integra
Product Line Overview
Premium Line Overview
Impact Line Overview
Genesis Line Overview
Strongbox Line Overview
Premium Line Accessories
Impact Line Accessories
Genesis Line Accessories
Strongbox Line Accessories
Integra Panel Options
Fan Shroud & Vent Filter Kits
Forced Air Fan Kits
Cord Grips and Hole Plugs
Windows and Gland Plates
6x6x2-Premium Enclosure
6x6x4-Premium Enclosure
8x6x4-Premium Enclosure
8x8x4-Premium Enclosure
10x8x2-Premium Enclosure
10x8x4-Premium Enclosure
10x8x6-Premium Enclosure
12x10x4-Premium Enclosure
12x10x6-Premium Enclosure
14x12x6-Premium Enclosure
16x14x7-Premium Enclosure
16x18x10-Premium Enclosure
18x16x8-Premium Enclosure
18x16x10-Premium Enclosure
4x4x3-Impact Enclosure
5x5x3-Impact Enclosure
6x4x4-Impact Enclosure
6x6x3-Impact Enclosure
8x6x3-Impact Enclosure
9x8x2-Impact Enclosure
10x8x4-Impact Enclosure
10x8x6-Impact Enclosure
12x10x4-Impact Enclosure
20x16x8-Genesis Enclosure
24x24x10-Genesis Enclosure
Strongbox Standard Enclosures
Strongbox Custom Wallmount
Strongbox Custom Slopetop
TB4-2 Solar Transition Box
Strongbox Series Overview
Strongbox Standard Series
Customization and Modification Options
Strongbox Customization Form
Polycarbonate Advantages
Stainless Steel Advantages
FIP Gasket Properties
DIN Rail Infographic
Chemical Resistance
Frequently Asked Questions
Terms & Conditions of Sale
Integra StrongBox Declaration of Conformity
Integra Polycarbonate Declaration of Conformity
Integra Polycarbonate Shipping Guide
Integra Metal Shipping Guide
Integra ISO Certification