Our Mission

Integra Enclosures and its employees are committed to being the world’s leading Innovator – Manufacturer – Supplier of thermoplastic and stainless steel NEMA style enclosures.

Integra Enclosures will remain focused on providing the best and most innovative products and services, the best customer service, and the quickest and most consistent delivery in the world.

Integra Enclosures is the largest manufacturer of polycarbonate enclosures in the United States and a growing producer of stainless steel enclosures. We pride ourselves on producing quality products and solving our customers’ problems through smart enclosure solutions.

 Integra offers a wide range of enclosure products for multiple industries including remote monitoring, water treatment, car wash, telecommunication, instrumentation, utility, packaging, transportation, and alternative energy. 

All Integra enclosures are NEMA rated and UL/c-UL listed industrial electrical protection. Offering the best designs coupled with superior customer service, Integra is uniquely positioned to serve your electrical enclosure needs. To learn more about our products and how Integra can help you, contact our sales team today.

Providing Everything You Need

Our wide range of products and unmatched manufacturing capabilities help us create the best enclosure solution for you.