Whether your work takes you to the desert heat or the rainy Pacific, guarding your electronics against outdoor elements is a top priority. And Integra is here to help.

Housing electrical components in the solar and alternative energy industry can be tricky, but Integra’s enclosures act as a strong defense against all manner of inclement weather (-40 deg F to 265 deg F). A common threat to equipment is sunlight and increased temperature. When electrical parts are exposed to sunlight, you increase the risk of malfunction and need for repair. Polycarbonate enclosures keep things cool inside and reduce the chance of delayed operations. Unlike carbon steel that will rust or fiberglass that will have a chalking or blooming affect, polycarbonate will maintain its natural state outside long after the other types have failed. The enclosure’s natural UV resistance makes it the superior choice for any outdoor application!

Our polycarbonate and stainless steel enclosures are equipped with a NEMA 4X/IP66 or higher protection rating against dust and moisture. An enclosure installed in a windy, rainy environment will likely encounter these elements, and having our durable protection outdoors extends the life of your electronics. As a result of our unmatched durability, Integra enclosures regularly outlast the lifespan of the devices housed inside.

Our weatherproof enclosures not only provide protection against the elements, but also possess exceptional impact resistance. Whether we are housing electrical equipment or remote monitoring controls, we can weather the storm in the alternative energy industry.

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