Impact vs Premium Line: Choosing the right polycarbonate enclosure

As the largest U.S. manufacturer of polycarbonate enclosures, Integra has many different styles of enclosures to choose from. Whether you’re looking for NEMA 4X or 6P rated, hinged or screw top, Integra’s various product lines have an enclosure solution for you.

Two of our most popular enclosure lines are the Premium series and Impact series. These two product lines offer many of the same benefits but have some key differences that make them ideal for certain applications.

Differences between our Impact and Premium line enclosures include:

  • Size Availability
  • Door Style
  • Latch Style
  • Mounting Options
  • NEMA Protection Ratings

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Premium line enclosures have the widest range of sizes including:
6x6x26x6x4, 8x6x4, 8x8x410x8x2, 10x8X4, 10x8x612x10x4, 12x10x614x12x616x14x716x18x10, 18x16x8 and 18x16x10.

Our Impact line of enclosures offer smaller sizes for tight fitting and hard to reach applications as well as some of our popular premium sizes: 4x4x3, 5x5x36x4x46x6x38x6x39x8x2, 10x8x4, and 10x8x6.

Looking for larger sized enclosures? Check out our Genesis line which boasts many unique features for car wash, alternative energy and telecom applications.


The most popular door style for both Premium and Impact enclosures is our EZ Hinge. This moulded in hinge makes it easy to assemble the base and lid in one fluid motion and provides a full 255-degree door swing – making it a favorite with field installers.

Premium line enclosures also offer a lift-off cover option with captivated screws for applications where a hinged cover is not needed. This style is also one of the many ways to achieve a NEMA 6P water-tight enclosure.

For applications where space is at a premium, Integra also offers a low-profile hinge for our Impact line. This continuous hinge is secured with a stainless steel pin and takes nearly half an inch off the width of the enclosure compared to the EZ Hinge.


Both enclosure lines offer our popular stainless steel locking latch as well as a non-metallic locking latch option. These latches are a simple and effective way to keep your enclosure closed and feature a pad-lockable hasp for additional security.

Integra also offers an integrated locking latch for our Impact series enclosures. This revolutionary latch is moulded into the cover and base – creating a NEMA 6P enclosure with just two easily assembled pieces – no hardware required! When paired with Integra’s EZ hinge, this latch option also provides a 100% metal free enclosure which can be crucial to remote monitoring and wifi applications.


Premium line enclosures come with 3 mounting styles to suite your needs. Polycarbonate mounting feet come standard with all models and can be affixed to the bosses on the back of the enclosure for wall mounting. Stainless steel feet can also be ordered separately for any Premium model. Polycarbonate mounting flanges are available on designated models and feature slotted holes for more flexible wall mounting.

Impact line enclosures all come standard with integrated mounting flanges. Like many other aspects of Impact enclosures, these flanges are moulded into the enclosure base – making for quick and easy mounting.

Looking for pole mounting options? Integra also offers pole mounting kits for all enclosure models.


All Integra enclosures come with a minimum NEMA 4X protection rating and each product line offers models that reach a NEMA 6P rating. However, the styles that get you a NEMA 6P rating will vary by product line. To learn more about NEMA ratings and which one is right for your application; read our knowledge base article here: Understanding NEMA ratings.

Premium enclosures must have all four cover screws securely fastened to reach a NEMA 6P water-tight seal. This can be achieved with a screw top enclosure or a hinged 6P enclosure.

Impact enclosures can achieve a 6P rating with the integrated locking latch.

As our most popular small-sized enclosure offerings, the Premium and Impact lines carry many similar advantages and can often be used interchangeably. However, some applications can benefit from the specific characteristics that set these two product lines apart. For additional help finding the right enclosure for your project, contact our knowledgeable customer success team today.

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