Metal Enclosure Hinge Types

One of the key components of an electrical enclosure is the hinge style. The type of hinge you chose dictates the door’s range of motion and relative access to controls as well as aesthetics and longevity. Integra Enclosures always uses 100% stainless steel components for our NEMA 4X enclosure hinges to ensure long term functionality and corrosion resistance.

Integra’s stainless steel enclosures can be custom built to meet your specifications; including latch and hinge options! Here are a few hinge options you can choose from for your stainless steel enclosure.Removable Pin Hinge (Pinge™): The Removable Pin Hinge is our most popular stainless steel hinge option because it provides the best of both worlds. The 316 stainless steel pin locks the hinge into place, making it sturdy enough to handle most any industrial application. If the enclosure door needs to be taken off for any reason, the pin can easily be removed with a thin screw driver or pick tool.Pin Hinges allow for a full 180+ degree door swing, providing easy access to controls. Additionally, they can be concealed inside the enclosure door for a clean finished look. Because of their versatility and many benefits, Integra uses Removable Pin Hinges (Pinges™) on all standard stainless steel enclosures.

Continuous Hinge: The Continuous Piano Hinge is a great option for high vibration applications and large enclosures because it is able to support and evenly distribute the weight of heavy enclosure doors. Typically, the stainless steel pin of a continuous hinge cannot be removed which adds to its strength and security.

Lift-Off Hinge: Lift-Off Hinges offer the most convenient way to remove your enclosure door with no tools required. Simply lift up on the door to remove the integrated door pin from its receiver.

Choosing the right hinge for your enclosure is an important factor that effects the usability and longevity of your enclosure. Aspects like enclosure weight, level of access needed and demands of application environment should all be taken into consideration.

For help finding the best enclosure hinge style for your project, contact us online or call 440-269-4966 to speak with an expert.

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