Where in the World Are Integra Enclosures?

One of the best parts of the enclosure business is learning about the varied industries and environments our customers work in every day. And because of that fact, our enclosures are built to live and protect equipment just about anywhere…


Integra Polycarbonate Enclosures are a smart choice for marinas and other marine applications because they can withstand the extreme temperature conditions of the sea. Whether the frigid winter wind or the burning summer sun, Integra Enclosures have proven to last without warping or damaging the valuable equipment inside. Integra Enclosures IP68 rated waterproof enclosures are a perfect match for the temporarily submerged (up to 6 feet for 24 hours) and wet environments found in the marine industry.

Remote Monitoring

Thanks to their proven strength and reliability and incredible customization, Integra Enclosures can be found in some of the most remote parts of the world, providing protection to important and expensive electronic equipment.

One of the most valuable features of Integra’s polycarbonate enclosures is the lack of radio signal interference. When radio monitoring equipment is housed inside a metal enclosure, often the radio antennae must be mounted outside the enclosure to avoid interference from the metal enclosure. This can cause security risks, because antennas stored outside of the enclosure can signal to would-be thieves that valuable equipment is stored inside. Since Integra polycarbonate enclosures do not interfere with radio signal, the antenna can be housed inside the enclosure, providing a much more secure solution for housing remote monitoring equipment.

Golf Courses

Integra Enclosures can even be found on golf courses around the world! When appearance matters, Integra has the solution. Integra Enclosures can be fully modified, which includes custom panels and colors, including clear covers. Each enclosure is engineered to last: the Premium Line enclosures have an impact resistance of over 900 lb/in! That’s more than enough to withstand the impact of a stray golf ball (or club)! Other fiberglass enclosures typically have an impact resistance of less than 220 lb/in.

Integra Enclosures are found in a variety of applications across the globe (oh, did we mention that there’s an Integra Enclosure in the Bellagio in Las Vegas?) because of their strength, reliability and customizability.

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