Advantages of Stainless Steel

Why choose stainless steel enclosures? Stainless steel enclosures are some of the most durable and reliable enclosures available in the industry. Whether indoor or outdoor, they stand up to many environmental applications

Popular advantages of stainless steel include:

  • Temperature resistant: Due to its chromium content, stainless steel has high heat-resistant properties that keep your stored items safe in both high temperatures and low temperatures. Where other enclosure materials absorb the sun’s heat, stainless steel reflects UV rays to keep interior temperatures stable even in sunny environments.
  • Damage resistant: Stainless Steel is highly protective, due to its high tensile strength. These enclosures can withstand high-impact forces, minimizing damage and keeping the inside components safe.
  • Corrosion resistant: Stainless Steel enclosures offer high corrosion resistance from elements. This also allows the enclosures to be sanitized more often and with strong cleaners and detergents without damaging or altering the appearance or structure. Due to their resistance properties the longevity of these enclosures is expanded.
  • Bacteria-resistant: stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean and sanitize and are naturally bacteria-resistant. Integra’s stainless steel enclosures also carry a NEMA 4X rating which keeps water out even during regular spray downs. These qualities make stainless steel enclosures a popular choice for food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, breweries, and more.
  • Highly customizable: Integra offers multiple customization options. Including machining and modifications, silk-screen printing, engraving, and powder coating. Enclosures can be built with multiple gauges of 304 or 316 Stainless Steel to meet your application.
  • Fully recyclable: Stainless Steel is 100% fully recyclable, along with its long lifespan makes it an ideal environmental performer. This helps limit disposal costs and protect the environment from further waste.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Integra Enclosures is known for high-quality enclosures that look as great as they protect. Our stainless steel enclosures are intentionally designed and built by our skilled team to provide consistent quality in every finished product. In addition, stainless steel has a naturally clean, reflective surface that allows it to blend into any environment. 

Integra Enclosures understands the immense benefits of stainless steel and provides stainless steel enclosures that are NEMA-rated and UL-listed, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Our top-of-the-line enclosures provide long-term durability as well as low maintenance costs.

Stainless steel enclosures that meet NEMA ratings can withstand corrosion and other adverse environmental conditions. If you are looking for a dependable solution that will protect your sensitive components with an aesthetic appeal, we can help you find the right stainless steel enclosure. We offer multiple standard sizes that are ready for Quick-Ship, as well as fully customized enclosure solutions

Our team is available to help select the enclosure that meets your needs for your next project.

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