Back Panels 101

What are Enclosure Panels?

In many cases, mounting electrical components directly onto an electrical enclosure isn’t a workable solution. Installation and cable management can be more challenging when components and connectors must be fit directly into the box. Modifying the enclosure body with mounting holes can allow water and dust, potentially compromising an enclosure’s NEMA and/or IP rating.

In some cases, DIN rail can be a quick and easy way to mount components without sacrificing the enclosure’s protection rating. However, this method limits the location and number of components you can install.

A removable back panel provides a cleaner and safer way to mount components inside an enclosure. Simply attach your components and modules to the panel and then mount it inside the enclosure.

Enclosure panels are widely used and come in multiple material and mounting options to fit different applications. Thanks to the simplicity and versatility of enclosure panels, they’re able to fill these numerous different roles while remaining cost-effective and easy to work with.

Type of Back Panels

Integra offers a variety of panels for all enclosures. Since there is no wrong or right option for any application, it’s important to know the pros and cons of each.

Aluminum Panels are the most common choice as they are lightweight and very cost-effective. Aluminum is also relatively soft and easy to drill so it’s the ideal material when components need to be installed in the field.

PVC Panels are lightweight and non-conductive, making them a very safe option for electrical components. PVC is also easy to drill but can be prone to cracking if the drill bit gets too hot. For worry free installation, let Integra handle the machining for you.

Painted Steel Panels are a popular choice for oil & gas and wastewater industries. These panels are white powder coated for a clean look and added corrosion resistance.

Galvannealed Steel Panels are offered for our Strongbox stainless steel enclosures. These panels go through an annealing process to create a strong, corrosion-resistant coating. They also feature a slotted cut out in all four corners which makes it easier to line up and tip in heavier back panels.

Back Panels Mounting

Integra enclosures have mounting bosses molded into the back of the enclosure for easy back panel installation.

Our Premium Series enclosures also have t-rails in all four corners which allow you to adjust the position of your back panel and even layer multiple panels within the enclosure.

The Back Panel Adjustment Kit (BPAK) or the Universal Back Panel Adjustment Kit (UBPAK) can be purchased for any Premium enclosure and each offer unique benefits. The BPAK comes with set screws to save space whereas, the UBPAK comes with larger thumb screws that are easier to install in the field.

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