Bigger and Better: Genesis 24X24X10 Enclosure

Expanding its comprehensive array of product lines, Integra Enclosures recently announced their 24x24x10 enclosure product, a part of the Genesis line, to meet customer needs for larger-scaled application protection solutions. Setting the pace for the enclosure industry, Integra’s new 24x24x10 products are the first of their kind and specifications to hit the U.S. market.

The Genesis line of non-metallic Nema 4X UL rated enclosures is the next expansion of Integra’s Premium and Impact lines comprising 16 standard configurations, including hinged or non-hinged lids. Made of high-impact, UV-resistant polycarbonate materials, the Genesis line 24x24x10 enclosures also boast flexible interior mounting using Integra’s patented Multi-Max panel mounting system. And multiple bosses on the product allow for easy installation of devices and DIN rails

Some of the standout features of the new 24x24x10 and Genesis line of enclosures:

Latch Options

Latches allow you to keep the enclosure closed. However, you may want added security for these enclosures or may need a specific type of latch, which is why the Genesis Line offers three different latch types: the three-point latch, the quarter-turn latch and the non-metallic latch. You have the ability to choose which latch will work best for your enclosure application, whether the focus is on keeping your enclosure secure or making it easy to open.

Mounting Panels

There are mounting panels available for every surface of the enclosure. You can mount a panel to the inside of the enclosure cover and also to the sides. The addition of mounting panels within the enclosure allows you to use all of the space inside the enclosure, making the most of this large space.

Additional Modifications

The Genesis Line enclosures can be modified by Integra to fit within any specifications. This includes machining holes for displays, cable connectors, multi pin connectors, antennae and more. These modifications are custom and make the Genesis enclosure unique for your needs.

Integra has responded to a growing demand for larger enclosure options, specifically among remote monitoring and energy industries. “At Integra, we are constantly exploring how we can serve our customers better with quality enclosures. We pride ourselves on staying in touch with them and knowing the demands of their industries – that’s why we’ve added the new 24x24x10 products, and why we’ll continue offering innovative products as new needs arise,” said Jim McWilliams, president of Integra Enclosures.

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