Case Study: Providing IoT Solutions with Allterco Robotics

Challenge: Source an Enclosure Material with Good RF Penetration

Shelly is the flagship brand of the European tech company Allterco Robotics which specializes in delivering innovation through designing, producing, and distributing high-quality IoT products. Shelly is one of the fastest-growing Internet of Things (IoT) brands worldwide, with solutions for the automation of homes and commercial buildings.

They turned to Integra Enclosures for their full line of Shelly DIN rail products for professional home electronics installers and commercial uses.

When working on DIN rail products, Chief Operating Officer Doug Roberson needed an enclosure that would allow communication signals to flow freely between devices, which is critical for the product’s functionality. He explains:

“ … I needed something that had good RF penetration because even though our general products have ethernet, they also use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.” – Doug Roberson, Chief Operating Officer, Allterco Robotics US

Doug tested several materials, including PVC schedule 40, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), and polycarbonate. The polycarbonate enclosures were much better than others in terms of RF performance but still showed some signal degradation.

Solution: Integra Polycarbonate Enclosures

Integra polycarbonate enclosures provided the RF penetration Doug had been looking for – better than other polycarbonate enclosures on the market. Integra could also provide services like machining and artwork printing to ensure Allterco products look as well as they perform.

Doug used antenna tuning equipment to measure the product’s signal strength and frequency from within the Integra enclosure and from outside it. This was done with seven different Integra products with the same results. Having virtually no loss in signal strength on this critical component was a game changer for the product.

Looking to the Future with Integra Enclosures

The full potential of Allterco DIN rail relays has yet to be seen. Whether it is a water shut-off valve for multi-unit condo buildings, pumping station monitors that can save municipalities money on large motors and pumps, Integra will be able to provide the right enclosure.

Integra Enclosures understands that our customers require unique solutions. When it comes to RF penetration, our polycarbonate enclosures stand head and shoulders above the rest. We offer a wide range of sizes, configurations and modification options.

“Partnering with OEMs like Allterco is what Integra does best. All our efforts are focused on delivering the products they want, how they want them and when they want them.” – Jim McWilliams, President, Integra Enclosures

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