Integra Enclosures Celebrates Electrical Safety Month

In our everyday lives, we use electricity for things such as powering our homes and offices, transportation, and even simply to watch television.  Electricity impacts nearly every aspect of our daily lives. However, we often neglect to remember the injuries that could take place if we don’t uphold safe electrical practices. National Electrical Safety Month falls on May, so it’s the perfect time to learn how to practice electrical safety!

The National Electrical Code (NEC) is a guide that outlines the base level standards electrical safety. These standards are the key to ensuring compatibility, efficiency, and overall security. At Integra, we take these standards very seriously. Both our stainless steel and polycarbonate enclosures uphold NEMA 4X and 6P ratings. This means electrical components inside our enclosures are protected against:

 Falling dirt


 Splashed and hose-directed water


NEMA 6P rated enclosures also protect against prolonged water submersion at a limited depth as well as rain, snow and sleet. Additionally, our enclosures prevent any individuals or wildlife from accidental contact with any electrical components inside of the enclosure. Our highly rated enclosures and internal safety team play a key role in upholding the standards for safe electrical practices and efficiency.

To learn more about electrical safety: The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI)

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