Integra Enclosures Expands Reach With Remote Monitoring Technology

According to the United States Census Bureau, 19.3% of Americans live in rural areas. These areas are often hours from the nearest large city. For companies providing utilities or running operations in these areas, it can be hard to continually send service employees out to fix problems or read meters. With companies expanding their services and increasing their reach, it can become difficult to collect data and communicate consistently with technology in rural areas. However, Remote Monitoring technology makes data collection a streamlined process.

Remote Monitoring on the Rise

Remote monitoring technology has revolutionized the data collection process for utilities, wireless communications and industrial automation. This technology allows companies to transmit and collect data from remote areas without sending meter readers to each individual residence or building.

This technology has been growing and evolving with the development of wireless sensing devices. Remote monitoring is used to monitor utilities, irrigation systems, oil pumping, solar systems, agriculture and advertising billboard lighting. With remote monitoring, companies can monitor equipment from miles away, starting and stopping operations as necessary and diagnosing problems without sending technicians to the site.

In order to keep these valuable sensors safe from the elements, enclosures are required to hold remote monitoring systems and can be placed virtually anywhere. Choosing a quality, flexible enclosure helps to reduce time and money associated with installation, maintenance and data collection.

Producing Reliable Enclosures

Integra Enclosures is leading the way in enclosure innovation in multiple industries. For remote monitoring and communication businesses, Integra has developed the Impact Series with an integrated latch. This design eliminates the need for metal parts within the enclosure which virtually eliminates interference with remote signals. And, because the hinge, latch and mounting flanges are molded into the enclosure, the entire system is stronger and easier to install.

Made from highly durable polycarbonate material, Integra enclosures can be easily modified and stand the test of time. Drilling holes, adding panels and custom mounting options can easily be done during production or in the field. And, unlike fiberglass enclosures, polycarbonate won’t splinter or fade in the sun.

When choosing the right enclosure, engineers and technicians rely on Integra Enclosures to offer:

  • High impact strength
  • Resistance to the elements
  • Watertight protection
  • Flexible mounting capabilities
  • Lightweight and rust-proof materials

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About Integra Enclosures
Integra Enclosures one of the leading enclosure manufacturers in the United States. They produce polycarbonate and metal enclosures for use in construction, water treatment, utility, telecommunications, instrumentation, remote monitoring and more. They create high quality, custom and standard enclosures for companies and public works facilities around the world.

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