Integra Partnered with the World’s Biggest Machine

The Telecommunications Industry, AKA the “World’s Biggest machine,” allows us to communicate, share information and tackle business matters with anyone, anywhere in the world. Without telecommunication companies, this level of connectedness would not be possible. Businesses worldwide heavily rely on this system of complex networks to gather the information they need.

Teamed with the telecom industry, Integra Enclosures changed the game. Integra provides unique solutions to deliver Wi-Fi services to places where Wi-Fi is not meant to work on its own. We do this by housing wireless access points inside the enclosures to provide local Wi-Fi coverage in a specified area.

Being able to put these systems virtually anywhere imaginable, including stadiums, warehouses, light poles, radio towers, high rises, or anywhere else outdoors, allows the telecom industry to continue to deliver the high-speed technology the world demands.

Integra’s enclosures are molded from a polycarbonate material, making them much easier to drill and modify than enclosures made from traditional metal and fiber glass. When modified, this material does not produce a harmful dust or residue- making Integra Enclosures a favorite among technicians.

Integra customers typically look for an affordable enclosure to protect their wireless equipment from:

  • Damage due to theft
  • Tampering
  • Inclement weather
  • Ambient temperatures above/below the operating temperature of the equipment
  • Government regulations that require equipment to be secure

Customers find Integra’s enclosures not only meet their expectation, but continuously exceed them. Our enclosures are known for not only protecting wireless components from the environment but also for their professional and timeless look for up to 25 years.

We can only imagine the types of advancements the telecommunications industry will surprise us with down the road. No matter what advancements unfold, Integra is proud to support any initiative that makes it possible to connect people from all areas of the globe.

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