Making the Switch to Polycarbonate Enclosures

It is no secret that Integra Enclosures is an advocate for the use of the material polycarbonate in enclosures. Polycarbonate has made a huge difference in Integra’s capabilities and offerings. Overlooking the advantages to this non-metallic enclosure could be a costly mistake, so answering the questions “what is polycarbonate” and “why use it” is a good step for companies to take when making a decision in the search for the best enclosure. Now, let’s go over the general description of the material, what are its benefits and why use it in your enclosures.

What is Polycarbonate

According to, polycarbonate is a member of the engineered thermoplastics.  This material is naturally resistant to impact, heat and extreme environments. Originally manufactured to compete with die-cast metals, polycarbonate is popularly used in electric, automobile and healthcare applications as well as bulletproof windows and Blue-Ray discs, among other products. It is a well liked in the plastic industry because of its versatility.  Now that you know what polycarbonate is, let’s move on to why use it.

Polycarbonate Benefits

For each challenge an enclosure could face, Integra’s polycarbonate enclosures have a solution. The main concern any enclosure owner has is its ability to keep outside elements out and act as a strong safeguard. Our polycarbonate enclosures are NEMA 4X and NEMA 6P approved and are equipped to protect personnel from hazardous materials inside and components inside from solid foreign objects, hose-directed water, submersion, corrosion and external formation of ice. Integra’s polycarbonate enclosures are UV resistant making them suitable for direct impact from the sun.

Now let’s talk about the impact. Polycarbonate can take a hit. We’ve put our boxes to the test and the difference in tensile strength is unmatched. A fiberglass enclosure is calculated to have a tensile strength of about 200 inches/pound and polycarbonate has a tensile strength of about 900 inches/pound, making it more than four times stronger. This means polycarbonate is less prone to damage during shipping and handling, as well.

Looking for more answers to what is polycarbonate and why use it? Well, let’s talk about how the material has your employees’ best interests in mind. The polycarbonate modification process is smooth and easy, as the material is easy to work with. This not only makes the job of modification easier for your employees, but also makes it go faster, so it’s cost effective for your company. Fiberglass enclosure materials, are not as easy to manipulate and are not as safe to modify. There are numerous reasons why fiberglass is not an ideal material to work with.

Polycarbonate is Integra’s most trusted enclosure material solution and It performs the best in almost any industry.

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