Non-Metallic Enclosure Types Are The Best At Communicating

Wireless applications can be found in all corners of the world and Integra Enclosures® are used in various unique environments to help house the fragile devices that keep these networks running. Integra has identified the needs companies have to protect their communication devices, and we believe our non-metallic enclosure types are the best for the job.

In order for the data to be transmitted wirelessly, the antenna signal needs to be strong and unwavering. The challenge with using stainless steel and other metallic enclosure types is that the antenna signal will not be received if it is housed inside. Instead, makers of stainless steel enclosures have manufactured a way to attach the antenna to the outside of the enclosure.

Wireless devices are often placed in remote and sometimes harsh environments, and having the antenna exposed can lead to many different issues and obstacles. Integra’s non-metallic enclosures types are made from polycarbonate. Polycarbonate not only allows the signal to reach an antenna inside the box, but it also defends the contents unfailingly and is easier to modify.

Polycarbonate properties do not interfere with or weaken wireless connection strength, and it does not corrode like metal. Although stainless steel is corrosion resistant, the exposed antenna is subject to corrosion and damage. Enclosures tend to take a heavy beating from the unpredictable elements, and polycarbonate is able to withstand impacts. Fiberglass is another non-metallic enclosure type that is available but it is not as capable of withstanding impact, and stainless steel is likely to dent from an impact. Because of their durability, polycarbonate enclosure alternatives are suitable for many applications in addition to wireless communications equipment.

Another advantage of using a non-metallic enclosure type, particularly polycarbonate, is the versatility of the material itself. Unlike metallic enclosures, polycarbonate can easily be manipulated and modified to the consumer’s preference. Mounting options are limitless and additional modifications such as drilled holes, cutouts and screens are simple to install.

Significant chemical resistance, light weight, the ability to be recycled and non-conductivity are other attributes that make non-metallic enclosure types such as polycarbonate perfect for a wireless equipment application.

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