Pole-Mounted Outdoor Electrical Enclosures Are Latching On

Our polycarbonate line of outdoor enclosures has proven to have advantages over enclosures made of traditional materials. However, we also have an array of other additional and beneficial features, accessories and services considered leaders in the electrical enclosure industry. Our pole-mounted outdoor enclosures are one of the many valuable kits we offer.

Pole-mounted outdoor polycarbonate enclosures prove to be useful in numerous applications. The ability to tightly and precisely attach the enclosure to a pole allows for fast and simple installation and reduces the possibilities of future repairs. Each kit can be used for 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, 10-inch, 11-inch or 12-inch poles. We also offer a 6-inch cross-arm pole-mounting kit for a model from our Impact Line®. Each kit matches various sizes of enclosures and can be used underwater or underground. Included in the package are steel parts and zinc-plated steel fasteners to ensure a secure attachment.

Aside from pole-mounted, we also offer numerous mounting modifications and additions. The flange mounting kits for the Premium Line® are inserted in a sunken area at the top and bottom of the enclosure and flanges are screwed on the back for secure mounting. Our strong and durable screws are also included in the kit.  The Premium Line is shaped for optional brass inserts for flange or feet mounting and the option of adding back panels and a lid. In comparison, the Impact Line and Genesis Line® have mounting flanges integrated into the enclosure during manufacturing.

We also provide two adjustable interior mounting systems: the T-Rail Panel Suspension System and Multi-Max Rail System®. The varying depth of the T-Rail Panel Suspension System comes with optional brackets and molded-in mounting bosses on the rear wall for din rails, circuit boards and other components. The individual mounting panel can be altered to match any height within the enclosure and match variable back panel heights. The possibilities are endless, and customers also have the options of inserting face plates, swing panels and back panels with this accessory.

The Multi-Max Rail System ups the ante with numerous configurations and boundless mounting potential. Vertically mounted to the rear wall, rails can be placed anywhere in the enclosure and create a three-dimensional space customized for the contents of the enclosure. Manufactured exclusively for the Genesis Line, we also incorporate a frame stiffener and panel pads to assure high performance for the Multi-Max rails. Located in the base, the frame stiffener minimizes movement, and panel pads attached to the rails permit steel, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and aluminum mounting panels to be set at various heights. The easily adjustable heights mean less wasted space and less likelihood of having to replace an enclosure if needs change.

Our pole-mounted outdoor enclosures and interior mounting systems are only a few of the customizations we offer. Please contact us today and find out what other tailored modifications we can provide for your enclosure.

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