Polycarbonate Enclosures Play Strong Defense in Major Athletic Stadiums


Polycarbonate enclosures made by Integra Enclosures have long been a key player in protecting sensitive electronic equipment in an array of industries subject to constant, harsh environmental
and operating conditions. Now they’re also providing this same kind of dependable defense in a whole new arena.

Adding a new dimension to the game

One of the country’s leading Wi-Fi solutions providers has recognized the superior performance of Integra polycarbonate enclosures and is using them to protect its Wi-Fi and antenna modules against the elements and other threats—like baseballs—at major indoor and outdoor athletic stadiums and ballparks, with anywhere from 50 to 300 units per facility.

College athletic programs and professional sports franchises are investing in Wi-Fi networks to enhance the in-venue experience of fans who like to stay connected to social media, instant replays, coverage of other games and fantasy team stats—as well as being able to upload photos and video.

So, Integra is proving the durability and value of polycarbonate enclosures in a new and entertaining way.

Integra’s impressive depth chart

Here’s how our polycarbonate enclosures stack up against the opposing options:

• They’re four times stronger than fiberglass
• Resist corrosion when directly exposed to the elements, no matter the number of rain delays.
• Resist the harsh ultraviolet radiation of the sun, season after season. UV rays decompose and weaken the fibers of fiberglass, giving it a chalky look. But polycarbonate stands strong. Even its color stays as true as a die-hard fan.
• Drill easily and cleanly to accommodate wires for the unique design of each project—without the harmful dust and splintering that fiberglass creates.
• Add to the attractive, professional look of a modern sports complex. Again, the colors don’t fade and we can mold them to match a stadium’s or team’s color scheme.

Sure, Integra enclosures deliver the durability and reliability necessary in the most demanding industrial environments. But now there’s a new side of Integra polycarbonate enclosures that doesn’t let a little hardball, sun or rain get in the way of a good time for sports fans.

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