Polycarbonate Printing 101

Whether you’re looking to add brand recognition, label buttons and switches, or highlight important safety information, adding custom printing to your enclosure is a great option. Integra offers multiple ways to add durable, colorful artwork on any size enclosure. Read the description of each option below to decide what’s right for your project.

Laser etching burns the artwork into the plastic creating the most durable custom image. This is a popular choice for button labels and other important text due to its high chemical, UV, and scratch resistance. Several shades of gray can be achieved however, no color is applied.

UV Printing uses a ‘’liquid plastic’’ that acts like ink to create a raised image that is highly durable and UV resistant. The UV cured ink is available in 16.7 million colors, creating endless possibilities for your artwork.

Overlays are the easiest to manipulate and the most cost-effective color option. They can be opaque or transparent and applied to the inside or outside of the enclosure cover. Many customers enjoy the option to add an overlay to a clear cover, creating a viewing window for meters and indicator lights.

Silk-Screening prints a high-quality graphic by layering designs one color at a time. This longer process creates a crisp, vibrant print that works exceptionally well on designs with large blocks of color. Silk Screening comes with higher up-front costs but is considered worth the price to create the best looking print.

To add custom artwork to your enclosure, you will need:

  1. A quality vector art file (.ai files are preferred) of the exact graphic to be printed. Number of colors, size and complexity of artwork all affect the price of printing, so make sure those aspects are finalized to receive an accurate quote.

If you are unable to provide the proper vector artwork file, our team can create one for you for an additional service fee. Contact customerservice@integraenclosures.com for details.

  1. A drawing depicting the size and location of the artwork on your enclosure. Use one of our downloadable drawing files to easily place your artwork and dimensions on or submit a drawing of your own.

Ready to add printing to your next project? Start your custom enclosure quote today!

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