Solar Transition Box Reduces Cost of Solar Installation

The solar industry is looking sunny these days, with continued rapid growth expected in the coming years. And while the cost of solar panels has dropped, soft costs such as installation and materials can still be a pain point.

Why Use a Transition Box in Solar Installation?

At Integra Enclosures, we’ve leveraged years of experience in the solar and alternative energy markets to develop the TB4-2 Solar Transition Box. The TB4-2 reduces the amount of expensive photovoltaic wire required and eliminates the need for additional conversion boxes, lowering the overall cost of solar installation.

Transition Solar Circuits from PV Wire to Building Wire

Photovoltaic (PV) wire costs almost twice as much as standard building wire, so reducing the amount required brings costs down without sacrificing the functionality of the system. The TB4-2 safely transitions PV wire input strings through its terminal blocks so that the output strings are standard building wire such as THHN or THWN. The terminal blocks can be assigned in any order and the system can be grounded or ungrounded. You can transition to any wire as long as it is copper, rated 90°C and meets the requirements of local and national electrical codes.

Combine Solar Circuits

The TB4-2 is a transition box with combining capability. That means you can combine up to four circuits and transition them to building wire simultaneously.

Combining several PV strings into fewer PV strings lets you make the most of the solar energy available. The TB4-2 has six two-prong jumpers that allow you to combine 2, 3, or 4 PV strings into 1. By combining multiple outputs from multiple solar panels into a single circuit, you can use fewer conductors for the run to the inverter. This simplifies installation and reduces material and labor costs. It also lets you route more solar panels to a single-charge controller.

The TB4-2’s maximum current per terminal is 61.5 amps, which is higher than other transition boxes on the market. This gives it the ability to handle higher capacity solar arrays without requiring additional terminals.

Terminal Blocks Simplify Connections

The TB4-2’s terminal block assembly reduces installation time and is more secure and reliable than wire nuts or taps. Unlike crimp-type connectors, our terminal blocks do not require special tools, so you won’t have to buy new equipment. You can use what you already own.

And all the components within the TB4-2 Solar Transition Box are protected by one of our high-quality polycarbonate enclosures. You get the same Integra quality on the inside that you’ve come to expect on the outside.

The TB4-2 Solar Transition Box is available to order now through Greentech Renewables and other Integra Enclosures distributors. To learn more about this exciting new product, contact us today.

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