Stainless Steel Custom Printing 101

Stainless steel enclosures are often chosen for their resistance to corrosion and appealing looks. But did you know you can elevate the look of your enclosure even more with custom printing and engraving?

At Integra Enclosures, we offer custom printing and engraving on any size stainless steel enclosure. These customizations offer weatherproof, UV, chemical, and scratch resistant options for any application. Add your company logo or important safety information to your enclosure for a great looking finished product.

There are two different methods for enclosure artwork:

Engraving uses a laser to inscribe text and images into the metal. Artwork can be solid, outlined, or have an alternate fill in a variety of gray scale shades. Engraving is a popular choice for hazardous and high sun locations due to its durability. Because the artwork is etched into the metal, it will not fade, scratch, or peel off.

Silk-Screening creates a sharp, colorful graphic by layering artwork one color at a time. This longer process is worth the price for crisp, vibrant artwork. To keep your artwork looking great for years in outdoor environments, we offer an optional UV protective coating.

To add custom artwork to your enclosure, you will need:

  1. A quality vector art file (.ai files are preferred) of the exact graphic to be printed. Number of colors, size and complexity of artwork all affect the price of printing, so make sure those aspects are finalized to receive an accurate quote.

If you are unable to provide the proper vector artwork file, our team can create one for you for an additional service fee. Contact for details.

  1. A drawing depicting the size and location of the artwork on your enclosure.

For additional questions or to start a custom enclosure quote today, contact our team at

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