Swinging Through Types of Hinged Enclosures

Electrical enclosures require a lot of unique pieces for efficient performance. Hinges are just one small, yet vital, piece of the puzzle. The hinges you select for an enclosure determine the allowed range of motion, the ease of installation, removal or replacement of the door and the security of the components inside. Reviewing the types of hinged enclosures is important for any company looking for a new enclosure.

All Integra Enclosure© products are equipped with various hinge options that are appropriate for diverse industry applications. With their NEMA 6P (IP68) and NEMA 4X (IP66) ratings, our enclosures are suited for temporary submersible underwater or underground environments and create a watertight seal. They are also nonmetallic and have no additional hardware or metal parts, which means they are more corrosion-resistant than standard hinges. Although they are long-lasting, we supply replacement covers in our accessory inventory as well.

Because we carry three different product lines, the types of hinged enclosures will vary depending on the product line.

The Premium Line® contains our most traditional polycarbonate enclosures armed with EZ hinges. This standard model allows doors to be removed or replaced easily and swings open up to 225 degrees. Assembled with your choice of two screws or four screws, hinged covers are also available in opaque or clear.

Impact Line® our highly durable line offers two styles of hinges – the standard EZ model and the low-profile model. With the same full range of motion, the low-profile hinges are integrated into the enclosure, so the door is not removable but presents a cleaner, polished finish. To provide additional options and ease of operation, the Impact Line also comes with your choice of integrated latchesstainless steel latchesnon-metallic latches, and advanced face plate mounting systems or innovative swing panel systems.

Genesis Line® the biggest and most advanced enclosures, the hinges must be engineered to support the heavy doors of this enclosure and protect the delicate contents inside. We have created inflexible and robust full piano hinges and hinge pins that will stand up to repeated use of the door, regardless of the items mounted within the door. Additional features include mounting flange and integrated mounting flanges, to eliminate the need for extra hardware. The Genesis line also provides multiple latching systems to meet any need, including non-metallicquarter turn, and three point.

The easy operation, mobility and appearance of the types of hinged enclosures we carry have proven to meet our customers’ needs in their respective applications.

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