Tackling Superior Telecom Infrastructure with Integra’s Durable, Wi-Fi Friendly Enclosures

Integra is supporting telecom companies and installers with best-in-class enclosures

As the demand for telecom infrastructure in more remote places continues to expand, the need for WiFi-penetrative, secure, UV- and weather-resistant enclosures has become paramount.

That’s where Integra Enclosures steps in, providing the telecom industry and installers with best-in-class enclosures without sacrificing the speed and efficiency of installation. With Integra Enclosures, you can ensure uninterrupted service delivery, enhanced security, and outdoor durability with confidence.

Benefits of Integra Enclosures

  • Durable, metal-free polycarbonate allows the free flow of WiFi signals
  • UL Listed to withstand the harshest conditions and temperatures of -40° to 264°F
  • 3/4” fire rated plywood back panel for hassle-free installation
  • Telecom specific accessories such as bell quarter turn latches and fire-resistant panels
  • US-based manufacturing for quality control and faster lead times
  • Customization options for tailored telecom solutions

Reliable, Modular, Secure

One of the primary concerns for telecom companies and installers is the protection of sensitive equipment from theft, tampering, and adverse weather conditions. Integra Enclosures are engineered to safeguard wireless components, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

Integra’s enclosures are molded from a robust and reliable polycarbonate material, making them much easier to drill and modify than enclosures made from traditional metal and fiberglass. And, when modified, polycarbonate does not produce a harmful dust or residue—making Integra a favorite among technicians.

To make installations more efficient, Integra also can modify enclosures for you. We offer precise machining and multiple decoration methods on all enclosures. Additionally, your enclosure can be pre-fitted with many common pieces of hardware. Options such as cord grips, air vents, fan shrouds, filters, DIN railslatchesback panels, and pole-mount kits are available on most models.

Reliable Wi-Fi, Anywhere

Offering a minimum NEMA 4X rating on all models and 6P rating on many, Integra Enclosures are tested against the toughest outdoor conditions. Compared to its fiberglass equivalents, polycarbonate offers superior impact and UV resistance, making it an ideal material for open-air applications.

Because Integra Enclosures are made from a durable polycarbonate, WiFi and radio waves pass through with no interference. This property allows the antenna to be housed within the enclosure, eliminating the need for external antenna mounting and additional entry points for water to damage sensitive components.

Additionally, while polycarbonate is extremely rigid, it is also flexible enough to allow for a 100% non-metallic hinge and latch designs, further minimizing the risk of corrosion and RF interference from metal hardware. Integra Enclosures offers 100% non-metallic enclosures and our enclosures have been found to allow better RF penetration than other polycarbonate enclosures on the market.

Purpose-Built for Performance

Integra Enclosures come in a wide range of sizes, offering enough space to mount multiple components, and can be customized to meet any specific telecom needs. To better serve the telecom industry, Integra created two new versions of our popular Genesis Enclosures populated with accessories that Fiberoptic and Wireless installers need. These telecom provider approved enclosures include:

G201608WPT & G242410WPT
G201608WPT & G242410WPT
  • UL NEMA 4X Rated Enclosure
  • 3/4” Fire Rated Plywood Back Panel (installed)
  • Telecom Quarter-Turn Latches (installed)
  • Non-Metallic Locking Latches included

Proactive Partnerships

Integra Enclosures is the trusted leader in reliable enclosures and works hand-in-hand with telecom companies and installers to produce the best quality enclosures possible. With an established reputation and dedication to customer satisfaction, Integra strives to create mutually beneficial relationships that drive progress within the telecom industry and those in the field installing telecom equipment.

Why Integra Enclosures for Telecom?

In the dynamic and challenging telecom environment, durability and reliability are essential. Integra’s enclosures are crafted from high-quality polycarbonate material, offering exceptional durability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, extreme temperatures, and the test of time. This durability ensures long-lasting performance and protects sensitive equipment from potential damage or tampering, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

Furthermore, the modularity of Integra enclosures makes them highly adaptable to the diverse needs of the telecom industry. Installers can easily modify and customize the enclosures to fit specific requirements and seamlessly integrate them into existing infrastructure. With a wide range of sizes and styles available, Integra enclosures provide flexibility in equipment placement and support various telecom applications, including cell towers, fiber optic installations, routers, and modems.

Reach out now and discover how Integra Enclosures can meet the specific needs of your telecom solution. LEARN MORE

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